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Be Prepared!

Yesterday, I went to the Philadelphia Phillies home opener with my husband and our son. It was a great day. The only drawback: it was freezing! And I’m not exaggerating. It was actually snowing on our drive there! We came prepared with under armor, layers of clothing, and gloves. And as soon as we entered the ballpark, I put on the anticipated free giveaway: a knit hat. We were ready to have some fun!

Although we are very familiar with Citizens Bank Park, they made a lot of changes in the off season that we were anxious to see. But after the two plus hour drive, we stopped in the restrooms before we got too far. I was surprised that two of the soap dispensers in the ladies room were empty. “On opening day??” I thought. I guess it’s inevitable for some things to slip through the cracks.

We enjoyed seeing all the new features of the ballpark, then it was time for lunch. We got our food but when we tried to pay for it, we were informed that the credit card machine wasn’t working. Thankfully, the one at the register next to it was, so we moved to it and paid. As the cashier tried to print our receipt, she regretfully informed us that it was out of paper. Really??

Next, we got something to drink. It was at a newly renovated and expanded place that – if you can believe it – had cash registers that hadn’t been programmed for the different beverages they offered! At that point, I was a bit frustrated. They had six months to get ready for opening day yet they were clearly not prepared for it.

It’s really no big deal that the ballpark wasn’t ready when it should have been. The glitches didn’t ruin our day and the game went on as planned. And the Phillies won! But it got me thinking about the call God gives to each of us in I Peter 3:15: But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect… (NIV).

Has anyone ever asked you about your faith in Jesus or if you think you’ll go to heaven when you die? If so, did you know what to say? It’s crucial for us to understand these things and be able to explain them to others. Salvation is only possible because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. But it’s the details of what He did and how we need to receive it that gets us saved. We have to know them, including some of the Bible verses that speak to them, so others will understand that these are not our words or plan but God’s. We need to, as Peter says, “Be prepared.” Let’s take some time to make sure we are.

As we were driving home last night, I mentioned that I didn’t have a blog post for today. My guys started rattling off mostly silly things about our day and the game in an effort to "help" me find something to write about. Then my husband mentioned being prepared and all the things at the ballpark that weren’t ready. And the Lord put I Peter 3:15 on my heart. Although it’s not an excuse to slack off, I’m so thankful God extends grace when we are not prepared.

Just something I’m praising Him for along the way.

copyright © 2019 Kimberly Coles Kirk. All rights reserved.

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