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We’ve been hearing about Dreamers a lot lately. They are basically children of people from other countries who illegally came into America. Immigration in general is a topic that’s hard to escape. Wherever you stand on the issue, I think it all comes down to citizenship. The people in question are citizens of another country. When they enter the USA, some want to become citizens while others want to live here without having to go through that process. And the whole situation is causing much strife and conflict for our nation.

I don’t have any answers nor will I take a position on this debate in this post. Instead, I want to talk about something that’s related, but not controversial. It’s found in Philippians 3:20: But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ. (NIV) If you have given your life to Jesus, this verse applies to you.

This earth – whether we live in America or elsewhere – is not our home. We are merely foreigners, sojourners, who are passing through. What should that mean to us? We can’t let the things of this world pull, consume, or weigh us down. I’m not saying we shouldn’t enjoy and make the most of our time here. But if we’re consistently aware that our citizenship is in heaven, we will hold things loosely and focus our attention and energy on the things that really matter, the ones that last, the things of the Lord.

So the next time we hear anything about immigration, may it remind us of our true citizenship and cause us to adjust our thoughts, actions, and motives accordingly.

Just something I’m trying to process along the way.

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