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Tell Them

My last blog (Something New), was built around a Facebook post I wrote regarding the ninth anniversary of my breast cancer surgery. The responses to it on social media overwhelmed me. Some wonderful people used it as an opportunity to share encouraging words, to show their love, or share how the Lord used my life to impact theirs. To God be the glory, because I can do nothing of value except through Him. My heart was bursting and I was humbled and blessed by their words. This may sound morbid, but they were the kind of things people say at a funeral or memorial service… when it’s too late for the recipient to be touched by them.

Why do we do that? Why do we think and feel things we never say? Do we assume those closest to us know already know? Maybe they do, although it’s still nice to hear. But maybe they don’t. And what about those who have enriched our lives in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine? We need to tell them. Hebrews 3:13 calls us to encourage one another daily. Make someone’s day. Let them know how amazing or treasured they are.

Just something I’ve been convicted about along the way.

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