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Bible Studies

In-depth Bible Study Workbooks

workbook $15.00    

message series CD $30.00

To Know Him More: Seeking God Through the Book of Acts

12 week in-depth Bible Study    

The first century church was an exciting place and we get to watch it unfold through the Book of Acts. We will witness the ascension of Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit in power and might. We will see the triumphs and tragedies of the pillars of the faith and behold extraordinary healings and miraculous escapes.  Most of all, we will draw closer to our Lord as we invest our time and ourselves in His Word. 

workbook $15.00    

message series CD $30.00

To Know Him More: Seeking God Through Letters to the Corinthians

9 week in-depth Bible Study    

Have you ever felt discouraged or overwhelmed by the immorality and sinfulness of our society?  Do you struggle with being in the world but not of it? Are you seeking Biblical answers to pressing problems?  Then join me in an in-depth study through Paul’s letters to the Corinthians.

workbook $15.00    

message series DVD $50.00

message series CD $30.00

To Know Him More: Seeking God Through the Letter to the Romans

9 week in-depth Bible Study    

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Then join me as we journey to Rome through the letter Paul penned to this church. We will search deep theological truths that will strengthen our faith, and study practical principles which can transform our lives.

Are you ready to jump back in time and be part of something amazing? Are you willing to look beyond the stories themselves to the truths, treasures, promises, principles, tools, and blessings that God can’t wait to reveal? Are you excited about gaining life lessons from this powerful and practical Old Testament book? Then join me on a journey through Exodus!

To Know Him More: Seeking God Through the Life Lessons in Exodus

8 week in-depth Bible Study    

workbook $15.00    

COMING SOON: message series DVD 50.00

COMING SOON: message series CD $30.00

Topical Bible Study Workbook

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is fear clouding your judgment and stopping you in your tracks?  Do you wish you could come out of the darkness that seems to be surrounding you? Or perhaps you  have a desire to increase your faith, experience the calmness that can only come from God, and be assured that in the final analysis, all will be wonderful.  If so, then this workbook is for you!

workbook $8.00    

message series CD $15.00

workbook and message series CD $20.00

Snapshots of Issues and Answers

6 week topical Bible Study    

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