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The Grand Illusion


Katherine finds herself in a desperate financial situation. With her husband out of work, and the bank threatening to take her beloved home, she is quickly running out of options. A ray of hope appears, as she stumbles upon a book that allows her to impact her future, by rewriting her past. But the cost is higher than she could have ever imagined. Each change she makes brings some good, but the ripple effects are devastating, and sometimes, deadly.


What if the unthinkable happens?  Suppose one of your worst fears comes to life?  How do you handle, let alone begin to process, the news that you have cancer?  In January of 2008, I had to face those and many other questions as I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  What was I going to do?  How would this affect my life, my family, my world? This isn’t my story, it’s God’s story set in the context of my struggle with breast cancer.

The Journey: A Testimony of God's Faithfulness Through My Battle with Breast Cancer

survivor story

Crumbs from the King's Table: Daily Devotions from the Word of God

12 week devotional

The Word of God is a banquet - a veritable feast! These short devotions allow us to keep in touch with God on a daily basis through the study of His Word. Each week we will alternate between an Old Testament and New Testament passage so that we may begin to get a taste of the full counsel of God.


Dramas for the King: A Collection of Inspiring Skits

21 skits   

There’s just something about seeing a truth or principle of God acted out before our very eyes.  The impact can stay with us longer than any sermon or Bible study lesson because, in a sense, we have been a part of it. Dramas can bring the Scriptures to life as we see principles and promises tangibly portrayed before us.

Inspiration From Above

12 songs

A collection of original songs that encourage, uplift, and bring glory to God.

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